CMQ Photos wants women to get in front of a camera.  We started with the 50 and Fabulous project and quickly realized that all women are Feminine and Fabulous and deserve a day of pampering and a photo session to capture them.

Sue Bryce - International Award Winning Photographer said :  ”We live in this fountain of youth society and as we get older, women are more and more ignored. This makes me annoyed and I want it to change.

We want to show the world the true beauty of women. Woman are our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughter, friends and wives. They are the matriarchs of families. I love to photographing women. They are magnificent, beautiful, and confident.

I want to tell Women to GET IN PHOTOGRAPHS. I want them to celebrate their beauty and most important of all to exist in Photos for your children and your family. One day they will be priceless. Like you are priceless to the people who love you."

You don't need to be over 50 to enjoy this, if you are a Mother, a wife, a sister, come and spend the day with us bring a friend and we will make you feel Feminine and Fabulous!  

It is with great joy that we share some of our favorite women from our “Over 50 and Fabulous” Project - Modern Women’s Portraiture. 

Expect to be Pampered During Your Session

  • Hair and Make-up Professionally Done
  • Assistance with Wardrobe Selection & Accessories
  • Beautiful Keepsake Images
  • Champagne and Orange Juice
  • Light Lunch and Specialty Coffees
  • Fun Atmosphere Filled with Laughter and Music

We recommend that you come with girlfriends or a daughter, and round out your celebration by going out for the evening, since you'll be looking and feeling Fabulous.

Call CMQ Photos today to book your special day of pampering and celebrating your life.