CMQ Photos: Blog en-us (C) CMQ Photos (CMQ Photos) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:10:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:10:00 GMT CMQ Photos: Blog 120 111 Family portraits, baby birthday images and maternity photo session Storytelling, they say, is an important part of our lives. Stories can inform people of acts of kindness, courage, and determination. I have a story to share that reflects all three. Without a doubt, there are days in my business when I reflect and conclude…I love my job. It was December 2016, the Christmas holiday season, when I received a phone call from a young lady who wanted to buy a gift voucher. This Christmas gift idea would include her sister's family.  As a photographer, offering gift vouchers for holidays and other special occasions is one of the services I gladly offer to my clients. Sharing the gift of photography is truly a gift that keeps on giving. The story continues with the gift voucher reaching her in plenty of time to be wrapped and find that perfect place under the Christmas tree.

Fast forward to the pre-consult meeting with Megan and Taylor.  During this first meeting, I learned Megan and Taylor had adopted a little girl. They brought Madison home from the hospital at birth as a foster child.  It took two years to complete the paperwork and I'm happy to report she is officially their daughter now and forever.

Fun black and white Maternity, baby family photo Fun black and white Maternity, baby family photo Fun black and white Maternity, baby family photo

As if that wasn't enough great news.  Yes, there's more to this great story. Megan was finally pregnant.  They had tried for years without any luck.   With the help of modern medicine, they were excitedly expecting a new bundle of joy.  We were able to capture Megan's pregnancy and create the wonderful portrait that will always be a special memory for them. 

Looking back, Megan's sister was so smart to give them a gift voucher for a family photo session to capture this beautiful moment in this young family's life. Megan and Taylor had never had any professional photos taken of Madison. Given they weren't sure they were going to adopt her one can understand their decision to wait. With the adoption process now complete, they were ready to have her photographed to celebrate her second birthday. I knew this session would be extra special with the permanent addition of Madison as a family member.

Fun Two year old Birthday and balloonTwo year old Birthday and balloonTwo year old Birthday and balloon Fun Two year old Birthday and balloonTwo year old Birthday and balloonTwo year old Birthday and balloon

I was able to capture many fun images of Madison that showed off her cute little personality. The maternity photos of Megan's "baby bump" was icing on the cake for me and this adorable family. Combining a baby birthday photo, a family session AND a Mom-to-be session to celebrate this family's journey was a privilege for me. To capture all these milestones, we created fun Brag books with lots of the images of Madison for her new Grandparents. I end this story with a feeling of gratitude knowing that I was a part of capturing this family's precious moment in time. 


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Hip, urban engagement photography session in Phoenix Arizona Here at CMQ Photos of Phoenix, Arizona we love photographing everything that involves families.  We especially love photographing babies, toddlers, tweens, high school seniors, engagements sessions, maternity, anniversaries and weddings.  Truth be known…we’re secret romantics.


We love getting to know our clients and learning the stories about how they met, how long they’ve been together, and their special interests.  You can count on CMQ Photos to customize every photo session to your specific wants and needs.  We work hard to find a location that captures the personalities that tell our client’s story.  And…we will go just about anywhere, to capture and tell that story with beautiful images that will last a lifetime.

















This hip couple chose to have their engagement photo session downtown Phoenix, Arizona and we found this great spot that was perfect.


When we met this couple we knew immediately that they were a great couple.   Taking a cue from their older siblings they learned they should spend a good size of their wedding budget on photography, as it would be the most lasting reminder of their special day.  They shared with us how they had enjoyed looking thru their sibling’s wedding albums together with the rest of the family and how it had brought back memories of those special days years later. 

Their wedding day will be a special day full of firsts.  We encouraged this couple to make their Engagement photo session about who they are every day and we know they were really happy with the results from this Engagement Photo Session

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Business Head shot- Meet Lisa D Meet Lisa D! This little powerhouse of a lady has had an incredible life.  Let me start at the beginning; she called me and left a message that said "I have seen your work and I want, YOU to take my head shot."  She was very impressed with our 50 and Fabulous sessions and I, was very flattered. We arranged a date for her head shot photo session bright and early on a Friday morning.  She shared with me that she was not a young woman but was in great shape.  She wanted a head shot for her business cards and LinkedIn and some images with her and her dog, who goes everywhere with her as that is her signature look. 

When I opened the door to our studio I was greeted by Lisa, her husband, Rock and her little dog, Casper.   She was dressed immaculately from head to toe. I could not believe that this women was the age she had told me over the phone. 



Lisa is in her sixties and she is still rocking it.  Lisa was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba and had been one of the youngest female designers chosen to exhibit her fashion design work at the Governor General’s Fashion Show many years ago.  As I photographed her she told me that she had always been behind the scenes making the models look fabulous in her designs but never in front of the camera. This was her chance to shine and she did! 



Lisa moved to the United States many years ago when she fell in love with her husband. She and her husband are entrepreneurs and have had several businesses.  They are now teaching others how to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle with their Real Food For Living Well products.

While she was changing into her second outfit, her husband told me that they exercise every morning together in their living room for 15 minutes that’s all.  They eat healthy foods, stay away from processed foods and stay active.  It was a pleasure working with this inspirational lady and I wish her all the best with her business. 


Here is a link to Lisa's Healthy Living Products


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50th Anniversary Photo Session  

Ron & Mary Kay 50th Anniversary Photo Session

This week my husband and I celebrated our 12th Wedding Anniversary.  It seems like we have been married for a very long time.  Don't get me wrong we still love each other very much, but I wonder if it will wane as time goes on.  This same week we had the good fortune to be hired by Ron and Mary Kay to photograph their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  What an accomplishment!  50 years together!  It’s definitely an occasion that is rare these days.  I have been hired to photograph a few couples marking this incredible milestone and it makes me stop and ponder "How have they stayed together so long? What is their secret?


In each of these special photo session I have been struck with awe at the love I still saw shining in their eyes for each other.  One of the husbands during one of these sessions wouldn’t smile at all until I ask him to hold his wife’s face in his hands and look into her eyes.  Slowly his smile grew at the corners of his mouth and then into his eyes which sparkled down at her.   It took my breath away!  Now that's, "True Love"!  After getting a couple of images, I turned to my husband and said “Why don’t you every look at me like that? 

What must it be like to love someone for 50 years?   I asked each of the couples what their secret was and each couple said it wasn’t easy.  They said; "It took work, every day by both parties".  I watched these couples through the lens of my camera and they all enjoyed each others company.  They were quick with a smile and laugh.  In fact, one wife said to me that her husband was really very funny.   Is that the secret to a long marriage? A good sense of humor?  I think it must play a big part, because in a 1 hour photo session this couple laughed a lot. 


It was a joy to work with these two people who have shared 50 years together.  Ron and May Kay found that they both had a talent and a love of music so they sing together in their local church choir every week.  They took ballroom dancing classes together and really enjoyed it.  They raised two sons that they are proud of and they have 8 grandchildren.  Their married life hasn't been easy but they have found away to find joy in each other and I for one, believe there is no greater treasure then growing old with the one you love. 



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Preparing for your Holiday Photo Session Home for the Holidays

Holidays are the time of the year that brings families together. There is a deep desire in each heart, to fly or drive to be with family. Many enjoy the time, and some take candid shots of each other with cameras and phones. Few take the time to capture the memories with professional family holiday photographs. CMQ Photos are amongst the best family photographers in Arizona, and have the goal of helping your preserve your time together, with keepsake photographs that will last for generations. We will come to your home or meet you in your favorite outdoor location.

Phoenix Arizona family portraitPhoenix Arizona family portraitAnthem Arizona family portrait Preparing for Your Holiday Photo Shoot

CMQ Photos would like to offer you the following tips on preparing for your photo shoot with us. 

  • Take some time to talk with family members about wardrobe choices. Some people opt to wear matching holiday scarves, for example. Others decide to wear a specific color of shirt, jeans, and boots. There is no right or wrong choice, but we can tell you from experience that our most satisfied customers are those who have planned color coordinating outfits or accessories. Avoid patterns and logos, as they detract from the faces in the photograph.
  • Details are important, when coming to a photo shoot. Regardless of the choice of attire, the most important rule of thumb is to have the clothes neat, wrinkle free, and lint free. Ladies will want to have their hair done prior to the appointment time, and have hairspray and a comb ready for last minute touch ups. Men should plan to have haircuts several days prior to the photo shoot, and any facial hair should be well groomed. Nails are important, and children are often the ones whose nails are overlooked. Skin blemishes should be covered with makeup (yes, men too!). Moist lips always look better in family portraits, so be sure to bring lip balm or Chapstick to the family photo session.
  • Have fun with your family before the holiday photography session! Laughing and relaxing together will create a bond that will be evident in the photos. CMQ Photos photographers are very good at capturing expressions and love in family portraits.
  • Staying hydrated the week of your holiday photography session will improve your skin texture and tone. Be sure to eat before your session. Being hungry during the session will serve only to be a distraction and will steal the joy we want you to feel as you are with your family on such a memorable occasion as a holiday photo shoot.
  • If you have specific ideas for the holiday photo shoot, that you may have seen on a website, Pinterest or in a magazine, be sure to tell us! We welcome ideas and creativity, as these are the elements that comprise a great family photo shoot and build memories that last a lifetime.

Call CMQ Photos today to schedule soon, as we are getting booked quickly. We look forward to working with you and your family, to create lasting memories of your holiday time together.

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Photography captures moments in time to remember Photos are treasures that tell stories of family events. Even the older, unmarked ones are treasured family heirlooms.

I have a stash of family photos from the 50’s. The edges are curled up and there is no writing on the back. They are not in a pretty album. There is no handwriting, telling who is in the photo, or where they are, or what they are doing. They are just loose in the box, and not in any order. It seems so sad to me. These photos are my family’s history. 

This week, I had a surprise visit from an Aunt and cousin I haven’t seen in a long time. I never really got to know my parent’s families very well, as my father was in the Armed Forces and we moved every two years.  Over the years I can count on one hand the number of time I met and spent any time with this Aunt and Cousin. 

Maybe because I am a full time Photographer and I love looking at photos I brought out the container of old photos.  I wanted to gain insight into the family history

I was hoping that my Aunt could shed some light on who some of these people were and where the photos were taken. Amongst the photos were my parents wedding pictures. (My Aunt was a bride’s maid at my parent’s wedding in 1954). There are 5x7 prints in frames of my parents wedding party but there are lots of stray photos that were taken during the reception.


It was such a long time ago that my Aunt couldn’t remember most of the people’s names. However, going through the old photos did have a surprising affect on my Aunt. I would catch my 78-year-old Aunt looking at photos of her 18-year-old self. In her youth, she was tall, lean and beautiful. I commented that she was perfectly posed in the images; weight on the back foot, front leg pointed at camera, knee bent.

This is when she told me that she had tried to become a model and had taken modeling classes (which I had not previously known about). In the end, she hadn’t been successful, as they told her she was too heavy.  I could tell from the wistful look on her face that she was being transported back to that place and time and her younger beautiful self.

She shared with me stories of her childhood and of being voted the cutest baby of the year. She had been photographed and on the cover of the local newspaper with her mother and brother, when my grandfather came home from the war in 1945. 

She shared with us her childish disappointment at seeing her father as he stepped out of the train.  She thought that he would be tall with manly hair and oh so handsome, wearing shiny silver armor.  This she attributes to the war movies they would show in the theaters during the war of the soldiers.  Instead, he was short, balding and not very good-looking, just wearing a uniform. She was 8 years old and very disappointed.

We bid our 'goodnights' and agreed to continue our trip back in time, the next evening. When we met up the next day, she shared with me that she had spent all evening and most of the day thinking about the pictures. She said she had really enjoyed the stroll down memory lane, and thanked me. 

The visit with my Aunt and cousin has caused me to think about how important capturing moments are and how important printed pictures (even rolled up ones) are in transporting us back to a place and time. 


I see so many people taking pictures with the phones and I wonder if they will ever print them.  Will they be lost on a computer hard drive?  Will anyone ever see them before the hard drive crashes?

Today, creating albums with digital images is so easy and a Professional Photography Studio like CMQ Photos of Phoenix Arizona can help you create something really special. We are experts at Photoshop and can add beautiful text, stating who is in the picture and where the image was created.

We have a large selection of backgrounds and templates that we can use to customize your album for you. We have the time to create these beautiful Album keepsakes.

Call us to schedule your next special family event, and we will come out and photograph it so that you can be in the images. Then, we will create a special album that will be passed down through the generations. You will not have to wonder when you will get around to creating that album. You can simply enjoy the one that has been created for you. 


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Genealogy - did you know you could add Photographs now? If you have never looked into your genealogy I suggest you sign up to during a free weekend and start tracing your family back.  I traced my family back and found out that not only was my mother’s family one of the first families to settle in Canada in what is now Halifax, Nova Scotia, but that they were also one of the first settlers in Boston, Massachusetts.  Andrew Newcomb, the youngest son in his family was a sea captain from England and sailed to Boston in 1614.  He eventual married and settled down in Boston and became a very prominent member in the community.

This was quite a surprise to me as I was born Canadian and only became a US citizen 3 years after I married my American husband. I am now US Citizen, but to find out that I could also be a member of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution came as a complete surprise to me.  How strange to know this now, maybe it could have saved me time and money in immigration costs.

Some time ago one of my relatives added immigration papers and photographs of my paternal great aunts, and great grandparents and it is wonderful to see similar facial features of one of my sisters or myself in their likeness. There is a photograph of the house my paternal Great, Great Grandfather and his family lived in for many years in England, which still stands today and I have shown to my son.

It makes me wonder what will happen in the years to come.  Will my son be able to show his Grandchildren photographs of me?  Will the digital photographs that we take today still be around 50 years from now?  A hundred years from now?  Will the iPhone photos my clients take today be lost over time?

In my previous career of IT the original hardware I used had a 5-¼ disk drive, then 3 ½ inch disk drives then CD’s and then DVD.  Today you cannot find a device that reads a 5-¼ disk drive or a 3-1/2 inch floppy drive. Hard drive crash all the time. CD readers are getting harder and harder to find. What will happen in 50 years or 100 years?

Will my photography clients of today be able to look at their digital photographs that I take tomorrow?  I am now convinced more then ever that I should insist on printing the best photographs that I take of my clients so that 50 years from now or 100 years from now they will have something to show their grandchildren. 

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Natural disasters make us realize how precious life is. My heart goes out to those who live in New Jersey and New York.  We all get up every day and go to work, grocery shop, take the kids to school.  We all have so much to do. Then out of no where a storm.  No one expected it to be bad or life threatening.  Homes are lost, belongs are swept away.  When it is happening all we care about is that the people we love are with us.  It's after the storm that we stop and take stock and the things we miss the most are the photos of the moments in your life.  I remember listening to a women who restores photos for a living, who went to Japan after the Tsunami. She told stories about how important that seemed to everyone.  It wasn't the furniture or TV but it was the photos of Grandma who has passed away that seemed so very important to those who had lost their homes in Japan.  

We should always remember, it doesn't have to be a major event in your life, anytime is a good time, to have a photographer capture your family, friends and loved ones.

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